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Orléans Health Hub Public Campaign

———designed at KarmaDharma

The Orléans Health Hub (OHH) is a unique and innovative healthcare facility that will bring a wide range of specialized and community healthcare services under one roof. While working at KharmaDarma, I was tasked with conceptualizing a public fundraising campaign for the construction of this new facility, including digital advertisements, static ads and graphics, and a landing page.

The target audience for this project comprised residents of the greater Orléans area of all ages and demographics. The new Health Hub would serve everyone, from newborns to seniors, with integrated programs focused on their needs and offered in both official languages.

The campaign was designed with modularity in mind, using a colourful grid system with images of patients and staff members. A dashed white line represents the path of a butterfly (the Health Hub’s logo), connecting each image until reaching its final destination at the Orléans Health Hub. This visual concept is used both in static and motion graphics as a storytelling technique to depict the coming together of all of these services under one roof at the newly constructed Orléans Health Hub.
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