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The Ontario Profession Hairstylist Association (OPHA) is a collective of hairstylists and salon owners whose aim is to unite and support licensed professional hairstylists and registered hairstylist apprentices.

In 2020, OPHA turned to KharmaDarma for assistance establishing their brand guidelines. At first they were not planning on changing their logo, however a case was made for the slight modification of the logo to increase legibility and make it appear more modern.

I was tasked with developing a modernized logo for OPHA while maintaining a similar look and feel to the previous one in order to preserve brand awareness with their members and partners. An updated colour palette and font pairing were also chosen to better represent the Association as a governing body for professional hairstylists and salon owners across Ontario. The outcome of the renewed brand is a representation of their values of unity, professionalism, equity, and modernity.

The updated logo includes a bold display serif (Playfair Display), paired with a sans-serif wordmark (Nunito Sans) in all-caps, giving the logo a more modern look and feel.

Spacing around the logo should be the equivalent ratio of two stacked O's from "ONTARIO" in the logo.

OPHA's brand colours consist of two main colour groups; pink and cool-toned neutrals. Rosé and Midnight are the primary brand colours, with the rest serving as secondary colour options for small graphics, web elements, and graphs.

OPHA's brand utilizes two fonts: Playfair Display and Nunito Sans. Playfair Display has been selected for headers, and Nunito Sans for body text and sub-headers.

For stationary, minimal layout designs with pops of colour were used to create a clean, modern and professional look.

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